A nature resembled ‘symbi-oasis’ is the emblematic piece of new boutique hotel and art space in Capo Murro di Porco. On the cliff of the ‘Murro di Porco’, light house lost its role and abandoned; work as a simple lantern.

A ‘symbi-oasis’ is a place of great public destination or a start point: an exploration and a shelter. A ‘symbi-oasis’ is also a point and a place where meets different leisure and cultural circuits. The ‘symbi-oasis, therefore, is also a shelter from the world(inward) and a place of center to explore the world(outward). From daily uses to hotel and art museum, the ‘symbi-oasis’ accommodates various activities. The multi-purpose ‘symbi-oasis’ in the ‘Murro di Porco’ can accommodate essential events such as art studio, art garden, exhibition, restaurant and boutique hotel in the great nature and offer sound of waves, the heat of the sun and the texture of the plants etc. Thus, the ‘symbi-oasis’ shares existing nature with local and new community both physically and programmatically, and provides new space to vitalize the ‘role of the light house’ as a symbol of the tourism.

The project ‘symbi-oasis’ proposes a “space of symbiotic” - erosion process of the nature. Nature yields a space for human beings and they create a surface from the nature and insert program that connects human beings and nature as a ‘symbiotic relationship’. The ‘symbi-oasis’ creates a space by restoring the original feature of the nature.

Creating a sustainable space from the simple architectural gesture is what we should pursuit, therefore, ‘symbi-oasis’ that integrates human and nature with the specific programs and the scene from the harmonize between program and nature create a great sustainable value.

‘Symbi-oasis’ celebrates human and nature interaction through symbiotic gesture while maintaining as a place of great public leisure oasis.

Architects: GEBDEISGN., Chang Kyu Lee

Location: Capo Murro di Porco, Italy

Client: Young Architect Competition

Program: Hotel

Site Area: 3,000m²

Status: Competition Entry

Year: 2016

Light House Hotel_Chang Kyu Lee2.jpg
Light House Hotel_Chang Kyu Lee3.jpg
Light House Hotel_Chang Kyu Lee4.jpg
Light House Hotel_Chang Kyu Lee5.jpg
Light House Hotel_Chang Kyu Lee6.jpg
Light House Hotel_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg