A ‘plaYform’ is a place of great public destination; an exploration and a shelter. A ‘plaYform’ is also a point and a place that meets different leisure and cultural circuits (axis). The ‘plaYform’, therefore, is also a shelter from the world (inward) and a place of center to explore the world (outward). From daily uses to special events, the ‘plaYform’ accommodates various activities. Multipurpose ‘plaYform’ in the Central Park can accommodate events such as water (summer) / snow (winter) sliding, music festival, open air cinema, fashion show runway and restaurant with café. Thus, the project integrates existing communities and nature not only physical but also programmatic manner, and provides new space to rejuvenate the community and the everyday summer life of NYC neighborhoods.

The project ‘plaYform’ proposes a “space of experiences” - simply pushed-down a plaTform connects human and nature as a ‘plaYform’. The project opens up the visual and physical corridors between two urban fabric relationships: water axis (North to South of Central Park) and culture axis(West to East of Central Park). At the same time the ‘plaYform’ creates a smooth program transition from the rotation that provides opportunities for various programs.

Creating a sustainable space from the simple architectural gesture is what we should pursuit, therefore, ‘plaYform’ that integrates human and nature with the culture programs create a great sustainable value.

‘PlayForm’ celebrates human and nature interaction through simple architectural gesture while maintaining as a place of great public destination.

Architects: GEBDEISGN., Chang Kyu Lee, Dokyung Kim

Location: Central Park, New York

Client: Arquideas

Program: Cultural Pavilion

Site Area: 700m²

Status: International Competition Winner

Year: 2016

01.plaYform main view_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
02.concept diagram_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
03.design diagram_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
04.top concept view_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
05.N-S plan_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
06.W-E plan 1_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
07.W-E plan 2_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
08.longitudinal section_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
09.water sliding view_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
10.program diagram 1_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
11.program diagram 2_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
12.program diagram 3_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
13.program diagram 4_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
14.multifunctional spaces_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg