the Monuvement

Memorial can be defined as a composition of experiences: walk, see and contemplate. The Monuvement is a continuation, stretch and extension of the Baltic way. This memorial attracts visitors from Baltic way and allows visitors to explore Baltic way movement while walking and moving along the Monuvement. Visitors can celebrate Baltic way movement as exploring this Memorial by sightseeing Baltic, walking, ramping and climbing the exhibition and observing terrace and vertical way exhibition.

The picturesque windows in the exhibition hall exhibits the timescape of Baltic as displaying the neighborhoods. The Monuvement is key to align the program with the exploring experiences. Visitors can move through the programs while going up and down.

The Monuvement celebrates the meaning of the unity of the efforts to gain freedom while having a continuous movement of this extended monument, Monuvement.

Architects: GEBDEISGN., Chang Kyu Lee

Location: Riga, Baltic

Client: Bee Breeders Architecture Competition

Program: Memorial

Site Area: 330m²

Status: Competition Entry

Year: 2016

1. Main View_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
2. Idea Diagram_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
3. Program Diagram_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
4. Unfolded Plan_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
5. Interior View_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
6. Longitudinal Section_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
7. Observation Deck_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
8. Axon_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg
9. View From Bridge_Chang Kyu Lee.jpg