e[x]Sport City


e[x]Sport is a composite name derived from: eSports + X-Port = e[x]Sports Implicit in the name is the creation and exporting the Brand (for the new development and Seoul City) through rejuvenation of an Olympic Arena, adaptive reuse, reprogramming the Sports Complex (including eSports, alternate sports and other more hybrid type of programing). X implies multiplication, suggesting that the eSports is proposed as an adaptive (reuse) programming strategy that will allow new innovative use of the existing stadiums and other sports facilities on the site for eSports and Virtual Reality based sporting activities without compromising the integrity and use of structures as conventional sports venues.  X also refers to ‘alternate sports’ and proposed ‘alternate occupancy’ of the site. eX, meaning the past (of the site (from a Port to Mulberry Farms, and the evolving nature of Sports and of Olympics); eX is also about exchange – imbibing the expressed desire by Seoul Metropolitan Government to transform the adjacent convention center and surrounding areas into an International Exchange District. Implicit in the name is also the history of the site itself, which was once a Port along the Han River.

Improve Connectivity with two bridge-like structures with varied but related programming and support functions as they relate to both, sports and convention center. Connect Jamsil Sports Complex to its immediate surrounding areas to the west (convention Center) and existing Public Park to the South.

Adaptive Reuse of existing stadiums and accessory facilities: eSports / Formula One Racetrack / Extreme Sports

Convention Center Expansion : Bring outdoor events/functions to Jamsil Sports Complex International Exchange District | MICE (Convention City Seoul)

New Business Park : International Business Center and Hotels

Reprogrammed Landscape and the Waterfront : Performative / Productive Landscape with water and energy harvesting, Public Spaces

Architects: GEBDEISGN., Chang Kyu Lee, Jiyeon Yoo, Yureeah Kim, Yong Won Kwon

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government

Program: Master Plan

Site Area: 700m²

Status: International Competition Winner

Year: 2016

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